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Elevate Your Lifestyle


We are determined to enhance your living by easily opening spaces,

creating seamless transitions, and delivering expanded entertainment potential.

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Dare to Compare


What is the price?

Project location, spec’s, and difficulty all play a role in retail pricing.

-New construction is usually between $1,100 - $1,400 per lineal foot.

-Retro-fit projects usually cost between $1,300 - $1,600 per lineal foot.

Is the system air and water tight?

Yes, our system has been tested in an AAMA certified facility and has passed all requirements for air and water infiltration. Our product was tested for residential and light commercial and surpassed all code performance standards.

Is the product energy efficient?

Using Cardinal Lo-E 366 as our standard glass configuration, we attain a center of glass U-factor of 0.24 and a SHGC of 0.27.

Who installs the product?

Our system will only be installed by a Glass Expanse certified specialist that has completed our training program.

Are the panels easy to operate?

Yes, our patented bearing configuration enables all panels to slide effortlessly.

Where can i buy?

-For new construction projects your builder can buy direct. Have your builder reach out to us for more information.

-For renovation projects contact your local dealer and visit their showroom for more information.

Local Dealer Map

* If we don’t have a dealer in your region, your renovation contractor can buy direct.

How secure is the system, and is it lockable?

We use tempered (safety) glass in all our panels and our patented wheel technology ensures that the doors cannot be removed from the tracks. Our standard product is lockable from the inside with keyed options available.

What sizes are available?

All systems are custom made to order, with a maximum height of 10 feet and maximum panel width of 4 feet. We have no limit on our system width, as long as the structural beam can carry the load of the unit. Our largest span to date is 68 feet.

What colors are available?

All systems come standard with black anodized frames and handles. Custom options are available upon request.

Is your system compatible with insect screens?

Yes, with numerous options both motorized and manual.

Can you do corner or radius systems?

Yes, our system has the flexibility to be used in many different shape configurations.

Is it top or bottom supported?

Each unit is completely top hung to allow for smooth operation in all conditions. Gone are the days of hard to operate, bottom supported sliders that are affected by any dust is in the bottom track.

Can I recess the lower track to be flush with the floor?

Yes, in some configurations the lower track can be mounted flush with the interior floor.


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