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Our commitment to builders

  1. We commit to having representatives who are not only knowledgable about our products, but also about the home building business.

  2. We commit to train our reps to listen to you before they try to sell you anything.

  3. We commit to train YOUR sales people about our products to help them sell more homes because you use our products.

  4. We commit to send our reps on to job sites.

  5. We commit to empower our representatives to handle most of your problems quickly and accurately on their own with no need to get approval from headquarters.

  6. We commit that our reps will contact you as often as YOU want, in the way YOU want.

  7. We commit to willingly accept your feedback on how we can make your life easier.

  8. We commit to giving you 60 days advanced notice of any price increase, availability issue, or product change.

  9. We commit to do what we say.

If you ever feel that we are not living up to our commitment, or if you just have a suggestion about how we can do a better job for you, please contact me directly by filling out the form below. I will personally respond to you within 48 hours.

Adam Conley | President of Glass Expanse

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Glass Expanse has created the Innovative Builder Program to create stronger partnerships with new home builders. We’ve simplified the entire process and made things easy and efficient for the contractor to buy direct.

our process

  1. Simple sign-up for your personalized Builder Portal. (Complete form at bottom of this page)

  2. Get quick and easy pricing for budget purposes through our online Builder Portal. (All we need from you is the rough opening dimensions)

  3. Submit plans for a full written estimate or for design feedback from a design specialist.

  4. Place your order online, by email, or in person - Whatever is convenient for you.

  5. Order is confirmed by your local rep - review and finalize all spec’s for the project.

  6. Pay online by ACH transfer.

  7. Receive detailed schedule with specific dates. (You have the ability to change dates online through your Builder Portal.)

  8. Pre-installation site walk is conducted by a Glass Expanse employee, and includes full product walk-through, sizing and structural inspection, and waterproofing.

  9. Installation is completed by a Glass Expanse team that specializes in our product only. No sub-contractors or third party installers are used.

  10. Door unit is protected on both sides and completely sealed to eliminate any dust or construction debris from entering the unit.

  11. Once the home is nearing completion, a Glass Expanse technician will remove the protective film, do a final adjustment and lubricate the unit. Final walk-through with the homeowner is available upon request.

  12. Full photo and video/drone package of the home provided for your marketing purposes.


StoneWood Builders

Based in Newport Beach, Stonewood Builders is a California based firm that builds, remodels, and sells luxury homes in southern California’s coastal communities. They first approached us with the plans and asked what we could do to make the interior flow really well to the outside. The focus was on entertaining potential. We worked with them on several structural and design changes so that the doors become the focal point once you walk in the home, bringing your attention to the beautiful backyard retreat. Safe to say, Stonewood hit this build out of the park!


Weston Dean Custom Homes

Weston Dean Homes is the epitome of a dream client for us. From day one, they took the time to understand our process and respected our requests from them. They are eager to learn, and always seeking to be on the cutting edge of the industry. This model home in Boerne, TX, just outside of San Antonio, was fully built and operational when their owner reached out directly to us. Bryan set everything in motion to get the existing unit removed so that we could install this stunning zero post corner unit in the master bedroom overlooking the pool. This home offers everything from functional layout to impeccable quality. It’s a pleasure doing business with a builder that strives for excellence in every step.


Vogel Builders

Eric Vogel has built a reputation the right way. We had the privilege of working with him on his 2018 parade home in Austin, TX. The home won ten awards including Peoples Choice and Most Innovative Architectural Design. It’s no surprise that he was named in list of the top 15 General Contractors in Texas. His trophy case may be full, but he is humble and often will be found doing the little things that make a big difference. His job-sites are always clean, and his attention to detail sets himself apart from many. Eric has a knack for fun and unique features in his homes, like the theater hidden behind a bookshelf in the parade home! He was our first repeat client and we will always be thankful for builders like him that continue to raise the bar.

Aluxa Homes

Covington Builders

Adam Wilson Custom Homes


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Our installation process is unique, simple and efficient. The panel weight is moderate so a team of two technicians can easily install each panel. A standard installation takes under four hours to complete. The innovative internal adjustment assemblies make for easy adjustment and can be used to eliminate effects from shifting or settling down the road.