Growing up in Canada, my experience in the building and construction field was filled with hard physical labor and long summer days. It was something you took pride in, working with your hands to build beautiful homes for happy clients. My respect for true craftsmanship only grew as I had the privilege to work in different trades in several countries around the world. I was always fascinated with the contractors that were organized and meticulous about product and service.

When my life brought me into the door and window trade, and eventually motivated me to design our own product, I wanted to build a company that was completely focused on the contractor. I needed to give back to the wonderful men and women that not only taught me the necessary skills to carry out my trade, but who also taught me about morals, honesty, and integrity. 

As Glass Expanse grows and expands, our goal is to create products that are unique in function and form. We want to be a part of creating projects that push boundaries and stand apart from the ordinary. For us it’s simple, we want to put a spotlight on the most forward thinking builders in the world.

We have a list of commitments that we give to each and every client that we work with. We stand behind the work we do, the product we create, and all the people that we are proud to call team members. We look forward to working with you!

Adam Conley | Founder